3D Video Experience

An animated 3D video was the centerpiece of the Remote Terminal Unit, RTU2020 new product launch. Faced with a fairly undifferentiated product, the client sought to capture the attention of customers looking to replace their old RTU’s and announce to the industrial market that they now had a state-of-the-art RTU.


The challenge was to differentiate the product in an already crowded market space and catalyze a conversation about the client’s new offering. We were asked to highlight the advantages of the offering which had less to do with the product itself, and more to do with it’s superior performance when paired with Honeywell’s best-in-class control system.


Our strategy was to always talk about the RTU in context with the control system, kind of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup approach, chocolate and peanut butter, better together. Second, we created a narrative that placed the product in the customer workflow. Third, we illustrated and animated the story of Anu, in the Artic Circle, and Simon, in the Australian outback. This product loves in-hospitable environments. And finally, we create a 3D version (yes, they all put on the glasses!) that launched to 1,000 customers at a User Conference.


Elements of the campaign included 3D, animated video, animated video, print, online advertising, and a launch website. Even two years after the launch, customers still remember the story of Anu, way up near the north pole, easily tending his RTU from inside the warmth of his control room.

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