Birthing a Brand Bot

Our mission was to create a character that would become a symbol for Honeywell industrial safety.


Characters have long been a part of marketing, used the world over to tell memorable stories about brands and build closer relationships with customers. But most characters are designed for B2C campaigns. Could a character be relevant and effective for business-to-business communication, specifically one representing Honeywell’s unique Plant & Personnel Safety Solutions?


We started by defining criteria for the Safety character: appeal to an audience of engineers and high tech customers; create it in 3D; ensure easy animation; and build in engaging “human” qualities, but not be too cute. The perfect solution? A robot that relies on data to analyze situations; accurately assesses risk, validates safety, and monitors compliance; and never needs to rest in the quest for safety.


Debuting to wide acclaim, it’s clear that SFT2—Honeywell’s “spokesbot”—is on the same mission as its target audience: to keep industrial plants and people safe and secure. Representing the innovation and technology integral to Honeywell’s wide range of safety solutions, SFT2 unforgettably differentiates Honeywell visually and drives message consistency across media—video, online, print, environmental, social, and live events.

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