Bringing the Connected Plant to Life

With a newly evolved story to tell, our client wanted a fresh approach to integrate a variety of “connected” conversations.


“Only Honeywell has the experience and know-how to transform the performance of people, assets, and process across an enterprise.” That’s a unique and powerful differentiator, but it wasn’t easily explained or understood, internally or externally. So we needed to re-articulate simple, clear key messaging as well as repackage and relaunch Honeywell Connected Plant.


The way to shut out competitors was to focus on the broader differentiation picture. It was essential to develop a consistent story and visual construct for Honeywell Connected Plant overall. The goal: an overarching narrative—encompassing and linking individual “pillar” stories—applicable to, but not dependent on, any vertical market.


We created a signature Honeywell Connected Plant look and feel using design, visuals and words that popped in a noisy B2B environment. An array of new communications tools—including a photo library, print collateral, presentations and video—clearly convey that only Honeywell has the knowledge and expertise to collect, connect, and analze enterprise-wide data to transform industrial performance.

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