Cyber Security Laboratory

We worked with Honeywell Process Solutions to create and then promote a world-class environment that showcased their new Cyber Security Solutions for Industrial Control.


Honeywell wanted to create a customer experience that was as cutting edge as their new cyber security offering. They asked us to design and supervise construction of the new lab, using space in their Atlanta office. After completion, we needed to promote Honeywell’s solutions and position the company as a leader in industrial cyber security.


We began by working with our design team to create an environment that reflected Honeywell’s cyber security offerings. Every detail reinforced their state-of-the-art offering, including signage, lighting, colors, wall treatments, furniture and flooring. Next, we staged a photo and video shoot with actors and produced collaterals to promote their latest industrial cyber security offering, Risk Manager.


We’ve been asked to create a similar lab in Abu Dhabi, adapting the design as needed to accommodate cultural difference.

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