Cyber Security Risk Manager Interactive

The task was to create an Interactive Kiosk for Honeywell’s new Cyber Security Risk Manager offering that would engage visitors at Honeywell’s global Customer Experience Centers (CEC) and help them understand how they can protect their facilities from the growing risk of cyber attacks. As visitors engaged with the Risk Manager Interactive Kiosk, they had a number of choices for how to proceed, all of which result in a clear understanding of Honeywell’s unique offering for cyber security and Risk Manager.


Honeywell recently launched a new version of their Cyber Security Risk Manager software solution. They wanted customers to experience the software’s capabilities interactively and understand the benefits of using it to monitor, measure, and manage Cyber Security risks in their industrial plants.


We started out by creating an interactive architecture with our creative team and programming partner that had a simple yet intriguing structure. Creating the architecture helped define the interactive flow of the piece while also prioritizing primary and tertiary messaging and actions for the user to see and interact with. Visitors could choose from several different activities designed to inform them about the value and benefits of Honeywell’s Risk Manager. Each engagement was designed to last from 30 seconds to two minutes.


The Risk Manager Interactive is currently installed on a 52” touch-screen monitor at the Honeywell Customer Experience Center in Washington D.C. High-level Corporate Executives, Plant Managers, System Engineers, and more engage with the interactive and learn about the capabilities and benefits of the Risk Manager software.


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