DynAMo Product Launch

We engineered the most successful product launch in Honeywell Process Solutions history with the creation of DynAMO, a super hero character who introduced Honeywell’s new alarm management solution. POW!


With just four weeks until launch, we were asked to come up with a plan to announce Honeywell’s new alarm management product. The goal was to generate buzz and inquiry at Honeywell’s upcoming customer meeting in France, with attendees coming from around Europe and the Middle East.


We tapped the product name to create DynAMo, an ordinary control room operator who is transformed into a red-suited superhero — complete with bulging muscles — who can reduce process alarms. We created a comic strip to tell DynAMo’s story in print and video. Then we brought DynAMo to life at a customer event. He was a super-hit, posing with attendees and attracting droves of engineers to the product demonstration.


DynAMo garnered press and customer interest, and generated orders.

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