Guts and Grace

We helped launch an event for a nonprofit that was raising money for colon cancer research. We produced a dramatic video along with collateral for the event — resulting in triple the amount the sponsors had set as their goal.


More than 130,000 Americans will be diagnosed with colon cancer this year and only 12% of those diagnosed with advanced cancer will live more than five years. When we heard those statistics, we said “yes” to a team of volunteers who were hosting their first-ever fundraising dinner to raise money for colon cancer research.


Our strategy was simple: Tell the stories of people struggling with this disease, along with those who are working to help them live longer. We interviewed patients and their doctors, and some of the leading researchers in the field. Then we assembled their stories into a moving video that told the story of this devastating illness and shared both their pain and hope. The video was a powerfully persuasive tool and a major factor in successful fundraising at the event.


The organizers raised triple the amount they’d set as their goal, and the video now plays a central role in the organization’s website and collateral. An immensely personal and powerful project, we hope that it inspires more people than we can count to seek healthcare early, and to fund further research for the cause.

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