SaaS Product Launch

We partnered with our client to shape and spread the word about their powerful new SaaS to a global audience of process automation engineers.


Honeywell's new SaaS changes the traditional workflow in an industrial plant. This innovation provides real-time information as well as analysis-driven insights that guide appropriate worker actions. The result is heightened employee knowledge, reduced downtime, improved efficiencies, and increased profitability. But, how to tell a simple, yet compelling story about high-tech software that does complex things?


In-depth understanding of a client's product, market, customer, and competitive landscape–no matter how complicated–is crucial. We were quickly able to strategize and synthesize succinct "Stop Reacting. Start Predicting." messaging; design a unique visual identity; and create graphics and illustrations to explain the software's functionality and benefits. Then we developed a variety of rapid-fire deliverables to reach and excite Honeywell's global audiences.


The response to the product launch–announcement email, web page, presentations, video–was instantaneous, with glowing feedback from the Honeywell organization around the world that started at the executive level on down.

Web Page

Launch Announcement Email
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