It Changes Everything

Every year, we partner with the Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation to produce their annual gala —an event that raises money for colorectal cancer research. It’s an inspiring evening filled with laughter, generosity, and emotion — and we’re proud to help make hope happen.


Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death, with 1 in 20 Americans diagnosed in his or her lifetime. The stage 4 five-year survival rate is only 12%, meaning that more than 50,000 people will die of this disease this year. These stark facts compelled our fifth year of volunteer support for The Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation and its annual fundraising gala.


Colorectal cancer is not something people want to talk about. So, our strategy was to help spur awareness, conversation and action through videoed stories of people with this devastating disease and the loved ones who care for them. By sharing their pain but focusing on their hope for new and life-saving treatments enabled only by continued research, the video—combined with live interviews with current and past-years’ grant recipients—had powerfully persuasive impact on the evening’s audience.


With an ambitious goal of $200,000, the event generated a record-breaking $235,000 in donations from the inspired attendees. The money raised will fund grants to at least three University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic researchers who are working to improve survival and the quality of life for people with colorectal cancer. And we hope the video continues to motivate more people than we can count to seek screening early, and to fund ongoing research for the cause.

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