Preem Customer Testimonial

We traveled to Sweden and visited the Preem AB industrial plant to produce a customer testimonial video to demonstrate Honeywell’s longstanding dominance in the field of industrial automation.


Customer testimonials about process control can be highly technical and difficult to understand unless you’re an engineer. For this success story, we didn’t want to dilute the important facts, but we also wanted to emphasize a more human touch by conveying Honeywell’s long-standing commitment to their customers.


When we went to the plant in Sweden, we interviewed the long-time plant manager who could speak to his personal history with Honeywell. We interviewed him in his native language — Swedish — to make sure he was comfortable and got him to talk about his experience working with Honeywell.


Honeywell and Preem enthusiastically received the video. As they approach long-time customers with legacy systems that need to be modernized, the video provides a reassuring perspective from someone who has had a great experience doing it.

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