Refreshing a Brand

Our client, a company founded on ground-breaking patents more than a century ago, wanted to express its unrivaled legacy of continuous technology innovation and industry leadership in a new non-traditional, contemporary approach.


The refinery of the future is a philosophy born of the convergence of new technology, proven company know-how, and a rapidly changing market. To convey this vision, the campaign needed to deliver broad, conceptual messaging rather product-specific features and benefits.


A comprehensive rebranding campaign was developed, establishing a scalable, flexible theme intended for an entire year. Succinct “Future Forward” messaging was created and supported with a modern 3D graphics look and feel that entirely departed from previous as well as competitors’ ‘norms.’ These fresh, bold standards were applied across digital and print advertising, social media, videos, presentations, and immersive experiences.


Internal and external response to the campaign was overwhelmingly positive, exceeding the entire year’s lead-generation goal of 1000 inquires within the first 6 months. In fact the campaign was so successful, it’s being extended to three years instead of ending at just one. That’s future forward!

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