Our startup business client needed guidance with branding and identity. Starting from scratch we reimagined our client’s name and created a tightly integrated design strategy featuring a powerful, easily understood mission statement, logo and website.


Startups are labors of love, however, the skills needed to envision a new business are different than the ones needed to effectively create a brand, generate awareness and successfully bring to market. Starting with a business name that does not represent the product and is not capable of resonating with the target audience is a big problem. Knowing that every design element would flow from the business name we needed to open our client’s mind to new ideas and ultimately embrace a change that would give them the greatest chance for business success.


Telling an entrepreneur that an intimate part of their business vision won’t lead to success requires tact – and research. Using a Survey Monkey Questionnaire and extensive polling we showed our client that the current company name did not meaningfully relate to their product. Knowing that you don’t get a second chance at a first impression we created a list of 10 new names that were active, suggestive, inspiring and evocative. Free to imagine new possibilities our client selected one of our favorites - REVEL.


Our client launched REVEL with confidence and pride in their new name, logo and website. Sales teams could effectively promote the new business to prospective clients because of the clarity and consistency of their marketing, branding and identity. Success came quickly with a new partner enthusiastically adopting their services.

This is the main logo we developed for Revel.
‍We created the Revel website using a simple and easy-to-use website editor.
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