Search and State Lookbook

Search and State designs and manufactures some of the world’s best performance and lifestyle apparel. They’ve won awards, and won over loyal customers who recognize attention to quality, fit, styling and an unmatched selection of luxury performance fabrics. Their communications need to be as sophisticated as the garments they make.


Search and State has a unique and recognizable esthetic. We didn’t need to invent it; we simply had to capture it in a look book for dealers, in writing and messaging, and in online advertising.


Lux and tough is the Search and State mantra, and we kept that vibe in designing the lookbook. Crisp, simple lines, solid backgrounds, and a black embossed cover made up this edgy utilitarian print piece.


The lookbooks were shipped out to distributors across the United States, orders followed, and the company quickly sold out of many of their most popular pieces.

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