Smart America Summit

The Smart Manufacturing Coalition needed to explain Smart Manufacturing to a non-technical audience and inspire them to see the possibilities it had to offer. To do this, we created a short video that played at the Smart America Challenge forum sponsored by the White House.


Our client was a committee of business and academic leaders across the country, including Pfizer, General Mills, UC Berkeley, Praxair and Rockwell. Within a short timeframe, we had to achieve consensus and gain approval through a series of phone meetings. The budget was tight, b-roll limited, and the interviews were filmed with varying levels of production quality.


We worked with teams at each of the participating organizations to swiftly gather information and assets. Good communication was key to success as we worked to keep everyone involved and apprised of deadlines as we moved the project forward.


We met the deadline and the video was widely acclaimed as an effective tool that told the Smart Manufacturing story.

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