SmartLine Campaign

We produced a series of videos to introduce Honeywell’s revolutionary line of SmartLine Transmitters, featuring a cast of transmitters so smart they can talk and sing — disco classics are their favorite. Fun to watch, these videos drive home the message about the transmitters’ smart design, smart performance and smart user experience.


We needed to create a fun, engaging video that demonstrated the benefits of the new line of transmitters. With a subject lacking in visual interest but diverse in functionality, we had to get creative with the messaging.


We decided to think outside the box and bring the transmitters to life using computer animation and the talent of local actors as voices. With distinct personalities and comic flair, the transmitters cleverly interact with field engineers who aren’t sure if they’re hearing things or not. Despite the fun, the focus is always on SmartLine’s value proposition and how the transmitters improve safety and efficiency while lowering the total cost of ownership.


The smiling face on SmartLine Transmitters is widely recognized throughout the industry, and the videos continue to be popular among the sales team, channel partners and customers. SmartLine Transmitters have even made “celebrity” appearances at Honeywell customer meetings.


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