Technology Roadmap

The new Chief Technology Officer for a long-time client wanted to significantly change the way the company had been presenting the technology roadmap to customers at their annual user group. We helped craft the story and wrote the script before creating a single visual! We greatly simplified the look of the visuals and created an animated, 3D industrial environment that came to life as the CTO transitioned from topic to topic.


Rather than one 90-minute technical presentation as they’d done in the past, our client wanted three presentations that aligned with themed days. What’s more, they were focusing almost exclusively on software solutions - which meant almost no images of products available for graphic support!


Not only did we create a massive, 32 by 10-foot screen (think Apple), we developed 20-plus 3-dimensional elements (tanks, tankers, trucks, power lines, and detailed distillation columns) with which we could create fantastic industrial environments. Throughout the presentations we signaled topic changes in the speech with 10-second video rolls that moved through the 3D landscape. We also used still from these settings as backgrounds for slides.


Beautiful, meaningful and memorable, the presentations captivated the audience. Media published photos of the Chief Technology Officer onstage in front of the images and audience members were continually taking photos.

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