About us.

Small by design, global by experience.

StoryStick is a seasoned team of thinkers and doers whose resumés include global agencies, award-winning work, and clients from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. We started the agency in 2009 to do what we love with people we love working with, and to be nimble, responsive, and human in everything we do.

To the ends of the earth and back.

We work with clients all around the world and have successfully staged events, captured video, and supported customer marketing in more than 15 countries. Whether producing events in The Hague and Dehli, capturing video in Sophia and Abu Dhabi, or conducting sales training in Milan and Nice, we efficiently execute projects anywhere in the world. Global companies rely on our cultural fluency to achieve their regional marketing objectives.

Start right.

We start every project by listening and learning, digging deep, and asking a lot of questions. The more we know, the better the solution.

Dream big.

Next we strategize, empathize, and summarize. We dream up solutions. And when our clients get in on the action, it’s not just more fun—it’s how we arrive at the best ideas.

Get it done.

Then we write, we shoot, we record, we program, we sketch, we design, we build, we orchestrate, we bring your story to life. The rush when it all comes together? Addictive!

Community matters.

We’re deeply committed to supporting our community. As an agency, we donate our time, talent, and expertise to local nonprofit organizations to help them do more of what they do best – improving the health and quality of life for people in need. In addition to producing their annual galas, we spend time each month volunteering at the grassroots level.

The story behind our name.

The story stick has been used as a tool in many cultures to make decisions, resolve conflicts, teach children, and share stories. It creates a space where everyone can contribute, and every voice is heard. The ethos of this tradition permeates our culture—how we develop ideas, solve problems, and collaborate with our clients.