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We launched StoryStick Live to make it easier for you to plan and budget your next online event.

We launched StoryStick Live, three broadcast tiers—Essential, Plus, and Pro—to make it easy to plan and budget your streaming events. Each tier delivers a best-practice approach to online events and then layers on additional production and creative elements, project management, and creative support.

Shorter really is sweeter

Whether you’re a communication professional for a corporate titan or a local non-profit, you have sales or fundraising goals to meet, regardless of the global pandemic. It seems corporations have gone all-in for the tried-and-true webinar while non-profits are taking their fundraising galas online. This post focuses on corporate online “events.” (We’ll get back to non-profit galas in the next one!)

There’s nothing virtual about online events

When it comes to online events, there’s nothing virtual about them. They’re very real broadcasts that should be designed to keep your audience from distractions. Your broadcast has to compete with work, family, food, email, social media, pets, phone calls, biorhythms, you name it. Unlike an event, you don’t have a captive audience and it’s necessary to captivate them. 

This Blog May No Longer Be Relevant

These are strange times. Whatever we believe to be the “new normal” will likely change by tomorrow. And while we’ve always prided ourselves on our agility and responsiveness, COVID-19 has catapulted us into a new way of approaching work, collaboration, and communication.

Biggest Story Stick HUG Ever

We’ve all heard the saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” That definitely held true for Story Stick recently.

Eric Mueller Named Design Director at Story Stick Marketing

Many of our long-time clients and website perusers will recognize this familiar face and name. But we’re thrilled to announce that we and he have finally made it official. Master visual storyteller, Eric Mueller, is now a full time Story Stick Marketing employee and newly named Design Director.

Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance

Early 2019 was a whirlwind of activity at Story Stick! And spring, WHENEVER it arrives in Minnesota, shows no sign of a slow down. But one Q1 project in particular touched our hearts. 

Hello 2019!

Always looking ahead, we’re jazzed about new projects, new adventures, and especially all the new people we’ll meet in the coming year. But first a few words about 2018.

Video Newsletters Get Clicks

People like watching videos, and they report getting more out of them. About 68% of all people identify as visual learners, and a recent study in the UK found that 58% of employees find video content easier to digest than written communications.

On Cloud 9

Nine years ago, on November 19, we set up desks in our basement and called a longtime client and said, “We’ve started our own business, would you like to work with us?”

Taking an Audience on a Road Trip

How do you get a message across to a live audience without subjecting them to death by bullet point? Don't just take your audience along for a ride - take them on a road trip.

5 Fundamental Truths About Video

People have been enamored with video since it's very inception over a century ago. But in that time, really, not much has changed. We've discovered five fundamental truths in video production that, when followed, form the DNA of powerful and successful corporate videos.

Redefining Real

In a time where companies are making use of a global workforce but need to cut down on the expense of travel, online communication takes the limelight. Skype, WebEx, Google Hangout, and the plethora of other telecommunication links make connecting to someone 13 hours ahead of you a breeze. You are a morning person, right?

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