What we do.

Making the journey as important as the destination.

We create high-impact communications and experiences that engage and inspire your customers, influencers, and deciders. Every step of the way, we try to make every interaction with us the best moment of your day. No kidding—we really do! 

Our broad expertise includes online events & broadcasts, video, presentations, social media, meetings and events, story creation, and campaigns.

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Online events & broadcasts

Our deep, live-event expertise informs our approach to online events and broadcasts. Whether live or pre-recorded, all the elements of an effective live event—visuals, pacing, staging, technical execution, and targeted content—are necessary for an online experience. We offer three broadcast packages as a starting point for planning.


Your customers, clients and stakeholders want video. In one study, video generated 1200% more shares than text and images combined. From the creative concept, to scripting, shooting, animating, to the final edit, we offer the full spectrum of video production.


Great presentations have the power to enlighten audiences, convert skeptics, and inspire action. That’s why we’re so big on helping live and online speakers create their visuals, shape their stories, and deliver both with impact. 

Meetings & Events

When in-person events return, we’ll be better than ever at making every moment count. Live events are at the heart of StoryStick experience and expertise and we know that energy, empowerment and empathy abound when people convene. We feel more when we gather, and this makes live events the most powerful form of media.

Story creation

The best events, videos, presentations, and campaigns tell a good story. Our work is most effective when we start with story creation. Some call this content development but we don’t. Story creation is the way we make the content unforgettable.

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Most stories have more than one chapter. Our multi-channel marketing communication campaigns  incorporate the right mix of web, video, social, print, and direct mail to get the results you want.