On Cloud 9

November 29, 2017

Story Stick Marketing is NINE YEARS OLD. Nine years ago, on November 19, we set up desks in our basement and called a longtime client and said, “We’ve started our own business, would you like to work with us?” Bless her, she said, “YES,” and we were off. 

Michael and I took off the management hats we had been wearing and dove into “doing” in those first 24 months. Actually, we’re still both “thinking and doing.” Each new project warranted a happy dance and a moment of panic. How would we get that done? Almost overnight we had three employees and three nearly full time contractors. The basement got crowded really fast. 

So what have we learned in nine years? Life (and work) is about the people you meet. We love the company we keep. We’ve had the joy of meeting new clients and our clients’ clients all over the world. We’ve gained a global communications competence that few agencies five times our size have. We’ve had a lifetime of fun working with brilliant partners to produce work that is both creative and effective. And, we’ve struggled with the pressing issues faced by all small businesses: cash flow, hiring, and “too many eggs in one basket.” Happily, one pit we’ve never fallen into is lack of passion about what we do. We’re still enthused.

How does a small, boutique agency like ours maintain our strategic approach, level of quality, and develop new business (without spending ahead of the curve)? I do wish it was as easy as raising a wizard wand and announcing, “Accio!” I have decided that perhaps that is just want I need to do. Summon more new business by simply asking, “Would you like to work with us?” just like I did on that exciting day in November 2008.