We tap all our creative and production pros for this option. StoryStick Live Pro includes story creation, design direction, and turn-key project management and production. This is a custom-designed broadcast including, presentation development, presentation graphics, broadcast animations, comprehensive event scripting, and the design of platform graphics. We’ve even bundled in social media promotional graphics and the creation of a video to augment your key message.

This is what is included in StoryStick Live Pro:

$66,899 all above elements included

Typical Broadcast Add-ons

Video Scripting and Production

Video elements amp up the production value and interest of your online event. StoryStick has created hundreds of videos for both corporations and non-profits. We offer full-service video production—creative development, scripting, shooting, and editing—as an option for all three broadcast packages.

Presentation Creation and Speaker Coaching

Two of the most overlooked elements of online events are the quality of the presentations and the delivery of the presenters. In a recent poll of webinar attendees, 32% said they felt most engaged when the presenters were passionate and energetic. Well, we are passionate about ensuring that your speaker and their visuals captivate your audience. 

Social Media Promotion

Online events are primarily promoted online. You’ll need branded visuals and targeted messages to attract an audience to your event. Graphics for LinkedIn and Facebook posts are included in Pro. Ask us to quote a package of LinkedIn, Facebook, and branded email templates to help promote your event.

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