Accelerating Quantum Computing

In 2021, Honeywell Quantum Solutions (HQS) and Cambridge Quantum (CQ), two driving forces in the quantum computing field, combined their respective hardware and software solutions to take the technology to uncharted territories. We partnered with this new enterprise to develop brand messaging; create visual identity and business systems portfolios; write content for and build a foundational website; conceive and produce a 3D-animation launch video; and orchestrate employee launch events across the world, including the US, the UK, and Japan. In just six weeks, we set the stage for the world to meet – Quantinuum.

We led the collaboration with the Quantinuum team to create branding, graphics, visuals and content that capture the fearlessly innovative spirit of the company. Just one example is the “Q” letter mark that illustrates the fluid, forward, and open-ended continuum that is Quantinuum.

View Quantinuum Website

The fully responsive Quantinuum website is an optimized global interface that showcases the company’s leading-edge hardware and software. It also functions as a resource hub for the quantum computing community, assisting engineers, researchers, physicists, and more in the global effort to advance the power of quantum computing to positively transform the world.

How many time zones are involved in introducing a newly merged global company to its employees? We produced and broadcasted an event that spanned a time difference of 16 hours. Livestreamed from the US, the UK and Japan, Quantinuum employees around the world were able to join in celebration as they embarked on their exciting Quantinuum adventure together.

We’re a band of storytellers who helped Quantinuum tell its story to the world.