Making IIoT connectivity relevant and relatable.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is not an easy sell to plant owners and operators. The key is persuading customers to take the product for a spin. That was the primary goal for the launch Matrikon Flex OPC UA: to compel early adopters to download a test version and drive purchase consideration. StoryStick accomplished this through a fully integrated campaign around the theme, Embedded in Everything, a dual message that captured the essence of industrial/commercial connectivity and the company’s business goals for its new open platform communications developer toolkit.

What we did.

Creative concepting

Brand identity

Story creation

Video production

Sales collateral

Email campaign

Print and digital advertising

Tradeshow graphics

Tradeshow events



With an eye for clarity and simplicity, we made a complex technology relevant and accessible. Downloads of the Matrikon Flex test version exceeded company goals and resulted in strong product sales.

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